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Welcome to the enhanced Walpole Public Schools website. The website is designed to enable greater information exchange between the District and parents through the new features of the website, as well as social media integration. We believe education is a partnership between the District, parents and the community. It is our hope that electronic exchange of information will supplement dialog to assist us in providing the greatest educational opportunities for the youth of Walpole.

The Walpole Public School Mission Statement embraced by your academic community is: “Walpole Public Schools educates all students to achieve excellence.” For each child, their definition of success is unique. Guided by a highly trained professional and caring faculty and support staff, Walpole students are challenged by a rigorous academic curricula shaped by the Massachusetts Common Core State Standards.  Student achievement data is constantly analyzed by faculty and leadership engaged in Professional Learning Communities. Educators evaluate individual progress and develop effective strategies to enable students to achieve their greatest potential.  These strategies clarify a shared direction to improve organizational performance through articulated short-term and long-range planning.

The Walpole Public School Leadership is guided by a Strategic Plan.* The Plan is revisited annually by a sixty member representative committee of teachers, leadership, parents, community, and students. Said group works to establish a collective vision and preferred future for the District by identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. The Plan effectively deals with change in a proactive, rather than reactive manner, by establishing a common purpose and a blueprint for action. The Plan may be found on this website.


Lincoln D. Lynch III, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

*The Strategic Planning committee members are indebted to Dr. Ralph Jasparro who generously allowed the use of his Strategic Planning materials and model.  Dr. Jasparro is an influential educational thinker whose passion for strategic planning serves to motivate organizations to develop and implement their preferred future.

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Click here for talking points from the Superintendent's address to the Walpole Finance Committee on the evening of Monday, February 23, 2015.  Note:  Link to Monday, February 23, 2015 televised FINCOM meeting is as follows: http://www.walpolemedia.tv/#!on-demand/ccov

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