Grade 8 Directions


  1. All students are required to read The Wave, by Todd Strasser, and one other book of their choice from the Battle of the Books list, for a total of two books. 

  2. You are encouraged to take notes while reading The Wave. A Note-taking Guide and a Chapter Summary sheet are available to help you organize your thoughts. An assessment or assignment will be administered in September to validate that students have read this book. If you have read the book and taken a few notes, you should be able to successfully complete the assignment. 

  3. Upon completing the second book from the Battle of the Books list, fill out a Ten Battle Questions form. The directions are on the form.   

  4. Read as many extra books from the Battle of the Books list as you would like. We are hoping you are just not able to stop reading! Fill out a Ten Battle Questions form for each extra book you read, especially if you plan to be on a Battle of the Books team. 

  5. Bring your notes on The Wave and Ten Battle Questions to school in September. Your ELA teacher will collect your work. 

  6. Remember that this program is designed to encourage you to enjoy reading and read for pleasure during the summer. Some students wait until the very end of the summer to read because they think they might forget what they read by the time school starts. This can definitely take the pleasure out of reading. If you read the book carefully and take a few notes to help you remember, you should have no problem in September, even if you read the book in June.

Battle of the Books List

Ten Battle Questions Form