Welcome to the Walpole Public Schools.  We appreciate your interest in applying to become a substitute for the Walpole Public Schools.  The first step in being considered for substituting is to complete one of the following applications below:

Substitute Teacher/Nurse/Education Support Professional

Substitute Teacher Aide/Extended Day Assistant

Substitute for Food Services

Also, please complete a Substitute Profile form so that we know what schools and subject areas you are interested in subbing for.

Once we receive your application and the substitute profile, you will be contacted by one of our principals or assistant principals to be interviewed.  

For extended day, you will be contacted by the Director of Extended Day for an interview.  

For food services, you will be contacted by the Director of Food Services for an interview.

Once you have completed the interview process, background check and all the necessary paperwork for substituting, you will be sent an email with the login information for our automated substitute system, Aesop

The current substitute rates are as follows:

•Substitutes with a Bachelor degree or higher will be paid at $80.00 per day

•Substitutes with less than a Bachelor degree will be paid at $70.00 per day

•Substitute Teacher Aides and Food Services will be paid at $10.69 per hour

•Substitute Extended Day Assistants will be paid at $12.50 per hour