Phone Contact Change

Our automated phone notification system uses the first 3 phone numbers listed on the Student Profile.  Please note, extensions cannot be dialed by the system.

For predictable school cancellations, such as forecasted snow, the automated system will call the number listed in Phone 1 only.  

For unpredictable school cancellations, early dismissals decided during the school day, other emergencies, or when wide-spread power outages likely impact communication, the automated system will call all 3 phone numbers.

Cell phones generally provide the most reliable and readily accessible communication, and we recommend including your cell phone number(s) among the first 3 numbers.

Please use this form to request changes to phone numbers for our automated phone notification system.  Changes may take up to 72 hours to process after submission.

Phone Contact Change
1)Parent/Guardian Last Name*:


2)Parent/Guardian First Name*:


3)Phone 1*:

This number will be called for all notifications. Extensions cannot be dialed.

4)Phone #1 description*:

i.e., Mary's cell, home phone, John's work

5)Phone 2*:

Extensions cannot be dialed.

6)Phone #2 description*:


7)Phone 3*:

Extensions cannot be dialed.

8)Phone #3 description*:


9)Student 1 Last Name*:


10)Student 1 First Name*:


11)Student 1 School*:


12)Student 2 Last Name:


13)Student 2 First Name:


14)Student 2 School:


15)Student 3 Last Name:


16)Student 3 First Name:


17)Student 3 School:


18)Student 4 Last Name:


19)Student 4 First Name:


20)Student 4 School:


21)Student 5 Last Name:


22)Student 5 First Name:


23)Student 5 School:




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